Welcome to Washburn County Parks Reservations System! Below is a list of our available Permits. Please begin by selecting the Permit you are interested in.

Firewood Permit - $0.00 USD
Expires 365 days after purchase

Firewood PermitWashburn County offers firewood permits for dead wood on any County Forest property. Please review the rules and conditions for more information. Harvest of live trees or collection of firewood from any timber sale area is not permitted.

Christmas Tree Permit - $0.00 USD
Expires Dec. 24, 2024

Christmas Tree PermitWashburn County offers permits for the harvest of Christmas trees. Trees may be cut anywhere on the County Forest, except within 60 feet of a major road.

Balsam Bough Permit - $0.00 USD
Expires Dec. 24, 2024

Balsam Bough PermitWashburn County offers permits for harvesting balsam boughs on County Forest Lands. Bough collection is for personal use only.

Dispersed Camping Permit - $0.00 USD
Expires 2 days after purchase

Dispersed Camping PermitWashburn County offers a dispersed camping permit. Camping outside of designated campgrounds is permitted year round but is restricted to a TENT OR LESSER facility. Camping with a hard sided camper or RV is permitted, under this permit, during the traditional 9-day Wisconsin Gun Deer season.