Sorry, Check-In date may not be earlier than June 24, 2024.
Sorry, this site is not available for reservation from Dec 1 to Apr 30.

We appreciate your interest in Washburn County Parks Reservations! To place a reservation, please enter a Check-In and Check-Out date and the number of people in your party.

You will have 15 minutes to complete your reservation. Please have your Credit Card ready before continuing.

Reservation Instructions
Cancelling reservations will result in the issuance of a credit code for the value of the camping fee. Please review the edit options available to you through your Account Sign-In, click on the 'Details' tab of the reservation you wish to edit.
1. Maximum Length of Stay is 14 nights, after which the camping unit and camping party must move to a different site or vacate the park.
2. Advance Booking may be made up to 11 months in advance. Reservation may be made up to the time of stay.  Campsites must be reserved/paid for prior to occupying the site.  Campers may reserve up to 14 consecutive days.
3. Minimum Reservation Booking shall be 1 night.
4. Sites Available for Reservation - All campsites are available for reservation. Please note that sites must be booked and paid for prior to occupancy.  Campers are encouraged to book their sites prior to arrival at the campground.  Sites may be reserved on-site via a smart phone, but be advised that network signal is often variable on site.  Campground attendants are not available at this location to assist with booking a campsite. 
5. Reservation Limitations - No limit will be placed on the number of reservations that can be made by any one individual, provided that the maximum length of stay regulations are complied with and no more than 2 campsites may be reserved by the same individual during the same time period. The name listed on the camping receipt must be a member of the camping party occupying that site.  Reservations may be made for up to 14 days.
6. Occupancy - Upcoming reservations may or may not be posted on site.  It is the campers' responsibility to use the reservation calendar to determine if a site is available.
7. Reservation Fee - There is an $8 per reservation/per campsite, non-refundable reservation fee, regardless of length of stay. Both the reservation fee and camping fees are charged to the credit card immediately upon making a reservation.

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Sawmill Park - Site #16